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 [The video starts without any fumbling or confusion. Gale had already fiddled around with the SFC to figure it out before he started his announcement. He only stares at it for a moment, head tilted in a way that shows the stripes of orange on the side of his hood.]

I am Gale, strategist of the Embryon tribe. I was informed upon arrival here that several have been invited to join the tribe in this world. Those who have not spoken to me, please do so. 

[He doesn't intend to protest Serph's decisions- if anything, the fact that Serph chose to let anyone join the tribe is a good sign, in his opinion. But he needs to know the tribe's capabilities in order to do his task effectively, and part of that is knowing the people in the tribe. ]

[With that part of his announcement done, Gale pauses for a moment, briefly pressing two fingers against the bridge of his nose.]

I also search for a child, carrying an olive leaf. I have a message to give him from his father, Lupa. 
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Ohhh, hello! It's furry nice to meet you, Gale. I'm Nepeta, I'm friends with Serph and Cielo!
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I suppaws I am! Or at least I'm younger than a lot of the other trolls here.
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Oh, lots! I don't know exactly how many but a lot of my friends are my age!
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Carrying an olive leaf? I'm afraid not...or someone with a father called Lupa either. Do you know more about what they look like maybe?
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I think they do! I'm not sure though, trolls don't have parents. And no, then I haven't seen him for sure but I'll keep an eye out for him for you!

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Hello, Gale!

[Have one grinning troll in your video feed.]

My name is Signless, and Cielo and Serph are both friends of mine.
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I am.

[Signless pulls his hood up over his head, and points to stitches that keep the horn holes closed. One side is still done in bright red thread, but the other has been stitched in orange.]

Likewise, I offered him a place in my tribe, or rather, a place in my family.
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Not really. My culture doesn't really have a concept of family. It symbolizes my blood color.
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It's a long tradition to prominently display your blood color and your sign.

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Um, I've heard of that tribe. Serph and Cielo's...right?

[A pause, as she thinks. He's asked about a child, too, but she doesn't know anything about that. She doesn't really see too many children she doesn't touch that topic just yet.]

I wasn't asked to join or anything, though.
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[yep, just jumping on the friend train with a nod]

Mmhmm. It's nice to meet you, Gale, I'm Yukari.
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[He's asking her this? She has no idea...]

Well, I guess it never really came up...

[Her shoulders lift a little into a shrug. A part of her is a bit saddened that they haven't asked, but not enough to allow it to show.]

It seemed like they were doing just fine on their own, anyway. [...mostly.]
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...That's good to hear.

[There's a smile on Yukari's face at that. The last thing she needs is enemies, especially with this apparent murderer on their hands. They don't need to be in the same tribe to be friends!

Well, not necessarily. She doesn't think.

And you said you were looking for...a child?


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