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bootsweremadeforcasting: ({day four})
So many people seem to have gone home. I wonder if the Coral senses the intentions of The Head Nurse and wishes to save those it's housed over the years. Whether that's the case or not, I truly do wonder if things will come to a head like it seems. Things have been boiling to the surface quite quickly as of late, but I suppose that's to be expected, given the recent turn of events.

[A small, quiet pause as he thinks out what to say.]

How do you all feel about this? After all, many are being sent homes, whether to a good life or a bad life- and it's entirely possible some may remain here. Which would you choose?

[Filtered to Alister Azimuth] )
30th-Sep-2013 06:11 pm - 02 Video
fatedking: (*hmm*)
[Akashi has been off for like, really a long time. He does not know what happen to the bubbles for the time being. His head seems little bit hard, and everything seems weird. Has he missed any great events? He thinks it might be a good start to open this with some communication with the bubbles.]

It sure has been a while, bubbles. I don't know what happen, but is there anything that I missed?
29th-Sep-2013 09:08 pm - 020 | Video
closedcircuit: (religion: kneel praying)
[Ky studies the SFC seriously for a moment, second-guessing whether or not he ought to filter this away from certain people. Still, he'd chosen not to for reasons that seemed to make sense, and he'll allow those reasons to stand.]

I know most of you already, perhaps even well enough to not ask this question.

[He's probably barking up a useless tree, but he has to try, because what if their end is coming, what if they manage to live but are returned to their homes without remembering anything that happened here? What if he doesn't know what to account for in the future?]

But is there anyone here who can hear a confession?


I'm Catholic, that is.
26th-Sep-2013 03:28 am - 22 | text
spiria: (⌠ unnerved ⌡)
thought people might want to know since I know she was friends with a lot of people ...

bianca has gone home.

... i guess thats all to say really.
23rd-Sep-2013 07:48 pm
sylphauxiliatrix: (Default)
Karkat Vantas Is Gone
So Is Eridan Ampora
I Would Have Reported On This Sooner But the Curse Made Things A Bit Crazy For A While

[Filtered to Dirk, Darkleer, and Roxy:]
I Really Dont Think This Was Some Random Happenstance
Considering Eridans History Of Purposfully Antagonzing The Head Nurse And Karkats Status As Leader Over A Decent Portion Of The Population Here
21st-Sep-2013 11:41 am - [Text]
shippingmath: <user name="splinterself"> (Default)
Two weeks.
Apparently I was going in for a new personal record.
That, for the record, is apparently how much time I've spent unconscious.
As I'm sure those of you who give a fuck assumed after a few days of not hearing shit from me.

So tell me, what the fuck'd I miss?
You all must have managed not to get into too much shit, considering the dome isn't leaking water and making an attempt to drown us all.

8th-Aug-2013 11:54 pm - 34 - Johann [ Video ]
radiantwingedone: (Default)
[ Actually, its sort of video, voice, and maybe a few random key smashes.


The shell of a clam growing smaller, then larger again might indicate why, although the video feed is halted by qrhiowovsdilafkjqto;c and followed by the sound of waves, and another smashing and crunching of shell.

Yup. Duke the sea otter totally is using his SFC like its a rock.

This probably repeats in some variation for a little bit.
19th-Sep-2013 08:11 pm - 004 - [Video - backdated to Monday]
dontyoujustwish: (what a pain)
[The camera pans down a long, red-gold fish tail lying atop a messy bed before flipping around to show Anya, looking rather annoyed.]

I don't know why that one cartoon mermaid wanted legs when she lived in the ocean, but I could certainly use some now. This is beyond inconvenient and I'm not even sure how I'm going to go to the bathroom much less leave the apartment.

If we were going to be changed into different species, I don't see why demon wasn't an option.
19th-Sep-2013 06:59 pm - video/action
creative_lovebug: (Angry)
[The feed flashes on, as it now shows a lion sitting within the forest. Sewaddle is up the tallest of trees and gripping on for dear life. He is terrified that his trainer and friend has turned into a large lion.]

Um, is this supposed to happen because I feel rather...furry. Inspiration has come to me lately but rather odd. I am guessing this is another curse, am I right? Has this happened to anyone else and if so, what other animals are there now in Vatheon?
18th-Sep-2013 08:50 pm - video; open
flared: (♣ y-yeah well)

[It's a little difficult to record like this since he doesn't exactly have any opposable thumbs right now, but Axel still manages easily enough by punching in the right buttons... with his beak.]

There. Geez...

[Shortly after a face appears in front of the screen... and it appears to be very much bird-like. Another peck before the large bird scoots away, wings spread and tail fanned out awkwardly as he tries his best not to accidentally step on it.]

Well, at least this time around I can actually talk.

[Being a cheetah had been cool for a while, sure, but there's something about this change which excites Axel even more. Puffing up his feathers, he seems to grin at the communicator before he struts and turns a bit to try and get a better look at his tail feathers. Ooh.]

A bit flashy... but I think I can get behind this just fine. I--

[Suddenly as he opens his beak a jet of hot fire leaves his mouth. Startled, Axel scrambles back, falling over so ungracefully onto his back.]

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